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The Investment Rate is a macroeconomic study; a demographic analysis that has been able to predict every major economic cycle in advance. It has never been wrong.


Based on the findings of the Investment Rate, risk controls are a priority now and for many years to come, and they are integrated into all of our proactive strategies.


Some investors do not want to manage risk on their own, so we have created intelligent tools that automate the process. One of those tools is called Trend Tracker.

About Our Service:

We believe that risk controls are essential in this environment (we can make money when the market declines too when we control risk), and eventually the haphazard approach that so many are taking will result in material financial loss for persons who are not controlling risk.
  1. We provide a number of risk-controlled strategies.
  2. One of our Strategies may be the #1 performing strategy since Dec. '07.
  3. The name of that Strategy is "The Stock of the Week Strategy"
  4. That performance is a natural byproduct of risk control.
  5. We provide automated tools so that risk control does not interfere with lifestyle.
  6. Education is important, and we provide a BOOT CAMP to teach you how to control risk.
  7. We have the most accurate leading longer term stock market and economic indicator.
  8. We have been offering risk controlled strategies on the Internet longer than anyone else.

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