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Strategic Plan Strategy

StockTradersDaily StockTradersDaily - 2017-10-20 11:42:21

Thomas H. Kee Jr. has posted to the message board:Also... The Strategic Plan Strategy is 2x long

Ahead of The Curve, Fri - Mon

StockTradersDaily StockTradersDaily - 2017-10-20 11:35:55

Thomas H. Kee Jr. has posted to the message board:Included in this email: Intraday Market

LETS Trading

StockTradersDaily StockTradersDaily - 2017-10-20 11:01:40

Thomas H. Kee Jr. has posted to the message board:No Swap --- pull it. We will maintain SDS New

LETS Trading

StockTradersDaily StockTradersDaily - 2017-10-20 09:13:40

Thomas H. Kee Jr. has posted to the message board:LETS Trading (aggressive leveraged ETF trading):

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  • Doctype Pdf The ECB Roadmap

    Normal investors have been so complacent with this market that they do not see the risks. I expect significant wealth destruction and I do not believe it will be isolated to the stock market. Investors in real estate, corporate bonds, government bonds, and stocks, including private equity, and most hedge funds, will have their heads handed to them. The asset price appreciation that has been realized as a direct result of global stimulus was broad based and the removal of global stimulus will cause broad based deflation in those global asset prices.

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    Prudent Representation of Conditions

  • Doctype Pdf Close all oil calls

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Near 31 64 37
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Long 8 123 1

Our sentiment table often acts as a contrarian indicator, but it also can be used to find stocks that are bucking the trend. For example, if only a few stocks are strong midterm you could see which ones they were by clicking the number in the midterm-strong column.