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Our objective is to be able to make money in any market environment, but with an underlying bias, and an emphasis on Defense. Defense Wins Championships! We integrate subtle and initially hard to appreciate risk control methods that can add up significantly over time. Our CBIT (Cost Basis Improvement Technology), allows us to realize CGRS (Compound Growth Rate per Swap), and we average about 2 swaps per week. Even if we were absolutely wrong about our underlying opinion on market direction, if we used CBIT to improve our basis by just 1% per week, which means only a 0.5% swap result, we would be better off by 52% over the course of a year.

Our LETS strategy is an easy to use trading strategy that is directly in line with our primary objective of keeping it simple. This strategy only trades three instruments, and those are cash, and two directly inverse ETFs for whichever market we may be trading at the time. If we were trading Oil, the ETFs may be UCO and SCO, the 2x long and 2x short ETFs for WTI respectively, but if we were trading the NASDAQ the ETFs would be QLD and QID, the 2x long and short for the NASDAQ 100 instead.

Past Performance is no guarantee of future results.

Managed Accounts: for qualified investors, our President has created an Investment Advisor that acts as a money manager, managing accounts for clients in a proactive manner. Start by reviewing our philosophy and services, and then ask for more details.

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