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 Technical Analysis for McDonald's (NYSE: MCD)


Recently trading at: 54.
October 23, 2008, 8:36 am ET

Although restaurant revenues may decline in recessionary environments, some select companies will prevail, and MCD is one of them.  MCD is in the unique position of attracting patrons in light of the weakneing economy.  Have you visited a McDonalds recently?  I was passing through Bakersfield not so long ago and stopped into a local franchise for a quick bite.  The football game was playing on four different flat screens, every table was full with families, and a community element overwhelmed the environment.  This was eyebrow raising.  That franchise may be the extreme, but MCD is successfully positioning itself to be the low cost alternative dining experience for persons who might have, in a better economy, enjoyed a more expensive meal elsewhere.  Healthier menus, coffee, a more pleasant environment, MCD seems to be executing perfectly to capture more market share in this weak economy.  Unfortunately, for shareholders, fundamentals don't matter much when margin calls hit, and forced selling sinks everything along with the Market itself.  Therefore, with a positive underlying sentiment understood, restrict your decisions to buy or sell MCD to the technical indicators stemming from the stock; we offer those here.  In addition, incorporate all of the risk controls associated with them to protect yourself in these adverse market conditions.  We have supplied a snapshot of our recent technical summary to help you.  You can use it, and the correlated trading plans to navigate MCD from this point forward.  Good Trading.


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Our real time technical report was summarized at 8:36 AM.  This report updates in real time, and current Updates are available to our subscribers.  Simply login and type MCD into the symbol box to get an update.  Subscribers may also receive personal assistance from our chief investment officer by sending an email with specific questions to

This technical trading summary and the plans derived from the data below should help you trade the stock from here, no matter what the Market conditions are.  Remember to update the data if you are not reading this report at or around the time it was published.

Choose one of the Trading Plans Below:


Trading Plans for MCD
Day Trading Plans
Swing Trading Plans
Long Term Trading Plans

Technical Summary
  Near Term Mid Term Long Term
Directional Bias Strong Weak Neutral
Parameter 1 53.45 49.35 54.58
Parameter 2 55.23 57.43 61.58
Parameter 3 58.09 64.29 67.54

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Good Trading.



Thomas H. Kee Jr.

Thomas H. Kee Jr.

President and CEO

Stock Traders Daily












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