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 Technical Analysis for Yahoo (NASDAQ: YHOO)


Recently trading at: 13.13
December 22, 2008, 8:29 am ET

This is a Real Time Trading Report for YHOO.  This report should help you buy, sell, or short YHOO according to strict technical disciplines, with associated risk controls.  Fundamental analysis is integrated into the technical patterns of most stocks.  The overall bias of each duration should help determine the underlying fundamental perception of YHOO going forward.  Use this analysis to make both strategic trading and long term investment decisions. 

Risk controls are already integrated into our pre-constructed trading plans for YHOO.

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Our real time technical report was summarized at 8:29 AM.  This report updates in real time, and current Updates are available to our subscribers.  Subscribers may also receive personal assistance from our Chief Investment Officer by sending an email with specific questions to

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Trading Plans for YHOO
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Technical Summary
  Near Term Mid Term Long Term
Directional Bias Neutral Neutral Weak
Parameter 1 12.64 6.94 8.20
Parameter 2 12.98 10.70 11.68
Parameter 3 13.42 14.35 14.95

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Strategic Trading Plan. Buy and Hold Strategies won’t work for a handful of years. That means we need to be proactive with our longer term investments too.  Our Strategic Plan is a proactive alternative to longer term investments.  This can be used as an alternative to mutual funds and managed accounts, and it is a viable strategy for IRAs.  Strategic Plan


Good Trading.



Thomas H. Kee Jr.

Thomas H. Kee Jr.

President and CEO

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