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Ahead of Earnings: GS, JNJ, CSX, INTC

April 10, 2009



By: Christie Lees.

Contributor, Stock Traders Daily


Stock Traders Daily (La Jolla, CA) Earnings season is upon us, so traders and investors need to recognize the potentials before earnings are released.  This means they need to recognize both the positives and the negatives.  Thomas H. Kee Jr., Chief Technical Analyst and Investment Strategist at Stock Traders Daily, has prepared real time trading reports for AA, BBBY, and MOS that do exactly that.  In addition, he has provided comments on those specific reports to help investors follow them properly.  The reports are free for everyone to review in real time. 

Here are his comments:

Alcoa (NYSE: AA) When reviewing the real time report for AA pay close attention to longer term resistance.  Specifically, this is longer term parameter #3 in that report.  The stock seems to have immediate upside momentum, but that resistance levels is a ceiling from which the stock is likely to turn lower again.  Treat it as a catalyst if it is tested.  Access to our real time report can be found here:

Bed Bath and Beyond (NASDAQ: BBBY):  BBBY has already tested longer term resistance.  If that resistance level holds expect a sizeable pullback.  Treat longer term parameter #3 in our real time trading report as an inflection level.  If this resistance level holds expect a decline to longer term parameter #1 over time.  A successful test has already occurred, so a pullback has also already begun.  Unless a reversal happens soon, deterioration may lie ahead.  Find the report here, and pay attention to the parameters listed here accordingly:

Mosaic (NYSE: MOS):  Shares of MOS seem to be stabilizing after September's drubbing.  This has tightened the mid term channels, and has made it far less attractive to traders as a result.  However, investors may have a different perspective.  This could be a problem though.  With stabilization usually comes back and forth patterns.  These are excellent for short term moves, but usually do not provide opportunity for buy and hold strategies.  The best approach to MOS, given this read, is to focus on the swing trading strategies offered in the real time report.  Long or short will depend on the test of support or resistance than may be occurring according to the real time report.  Start by monitoring it now:


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