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QID - QLD Trading Strategy


We are beginning to put the finishing touches on the Automated Version of the QID and QLD strategy.  Most of you know that the backend is already built, and we already integrate with Option Xpress.  The Manual system has been re-designed for efficiency as well, and this is being tested for bugs right now. 

The new and more efficient alerts viewer will make trading QID and QLD seamless.  I have included a graphic of Thursday's session below, and although the graphic shows annualized returns that are impressive, I want you to focus on trade group #2; that was the losing strategy.  The spread risk has been significantly reduced as you can see, and that was the goal of the improved efficiency. 

In addition, I have recently integrated automated QID and QLD pricepoints into the system so that we can track performance every day from this point forward.  This will be available to you in a few days, but for now it is only visible by me.  The results in the graphic come directly from that integrated automated system.

Appealing as the QID and QLD strategy may be, there are restrictions I will impose.

First of all, I am not likely to allow more than $100K accounts for this strategy, at least not yet. 

Second, you must open an account at Options Xpress using the links on the Beta Site.  Then you must confirm that your account has been set up with day trading margin, and that it has been approved for automated 3rd party trading systems.  You will need to contact OX after you open the account to do this.

Third, you must make real trades with the ATAP - Single Stock program before we will allow you to integrate the QID - QLD strategy.  These are done exactly like the trading simulator on the Beta Site.  You should be practicing every day by using the simulator, because we will require you to use this system with real money for at least 3 days before we will allow you to transition to the QID - QLD strategy.  This confirms to us that your account is set up properly.  Only simulated trades are available on the beta Site, but real OX trades will be integrated shortly.  You will have the choice between real and simulated trades always.

If you intend on using the QID - QLD automated strategy you should:

1.     Open an OX account using the link we have on the Beta Site

2.     Practice Making Trades in the trading simulator on the Beta Site every day.

3.     Begin to monitor the performance of the Alerts Viewer every day.

4.     Fund Your account within the next 2 weeks and make a few ATAP trades.

5.     Be ready when we 'flip the switch,' which will probably be in 3-4 weeks.

Here's the QID - QLD from Thursday; realize a $50K account would be annualizing +115% using these same numbers + OX commissions:

Thomas H. Kee Jr.

Thomas H. Kee Jr.

President and CEO

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