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Beating the Market using QID, QLD, DDM, and DXD


Most Economists and Market Analysts consider my methodology too simple.  I consider theirs too complicated. 

Keep It Simple Stupid!

Market Timing is very easy unless you add excess variables to the equation and overcomplicate it.   The same principle applies to Economic Analysis as well.

The rule of thumb for Market Timing: 

         When the Market is oversold, buy it. 

         When the Market is overbought, short it. 

         Stop trading stocks, and focus on Market based ETFs.

Individual stocks add exponential variables to Market Timing efforts and make proper timing almost impossible.  Stop wasting your time with individual stocks and start buy ETfs like QLD, QID, DDM, DXD, and others.  I like Proshares best because of the leveraged nature of the underlying entity.

Identifying tops and bottoms is easier than you think.  

First, when identifying a top, first consider sentiment.  Is the underlying investor sentiment too good to be true?  Is everything perfect, and are traders confident that the Market will continue to trend higher?  If so, that’s your first red flag that the Market is near a top.  Pinpointing the exact level is determined by technical analysis and Fibonacci Calculation. 

Second, identifying the bottom is exactly the opposite.  When investors throw in the towel, when traders start betting heavily on the short side, when bad news is coming from all sides, we know that the Market is near a bottom.  From there we rely on our technical tools to pinpoint the exact bottom.

Do not buy all the time.  Do not buy and hold.  Instead, use these simple rules to stay on the right side of the curve. 

The analysts and market strategists who have given up, and who now simply buy and hold, have probably overcomplicated their efforts.  Don’t make the same mistake.  Timing is easy if you keep it simple.

We are currently coming out of an oversold condition and soon we will enter an overbought landscape.  Get ready to take profits and turn short in the relatively near future.


Thomas H. Kee Jr.

Thomas H. Kee Jr.

President and CEO

Stock Traders Daily






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