About Our Analysis

Using the only tool that always accurately identifies how the market perceives news and events, we provide analysis to determine where the market is going before it gets there. We help you efficiently evaluate current and future conditions so that you know how to position your investments.

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Although we cover 1300 stocks fundamentally and technically, and we offer trading plans with risk controls for them, our main focus is the stock market itself. Since our inception at the peak of the Internet bubble, we have foundit more efficient to trade the stock market itself.

In fact, history tells us that few mutual funds or traditional diversified portfolios outperform the market anyway, so if the market performs better than those why not just focus on the market?

Additionally, if we trade individual stocks we also need to conduct market analysis to determine where the market is going before making a decisionto buy a stock. Most stocks are influenced by moves in the stock market. When people sell the DOW, for example, they’re selling all 30 of those stocks at the same time. Because all stocks are influenced by the stock market, market analysis must be done before investing in individual stocks anyway, but once we have done that an interesting opportunity exists.

We can trade the market itself, using ETFs.

Prudently, we need to make a market observation even if we’re trading individual stocks, but when we turn our attention to trading those individual stocks we also must conduct a much more detailed evaluation of those stocks before we make a prudent investment decision. Again, we offer this for 1300 stocks, but we also find it to be a very tedious exercise and it’s not necessary.

Market based ETFs give us the opportunity to limit our energy expenditures. Therefore, because our effort is to keep things simple, increase efficiency, and reduce emotion, we prefer to focus our attention on the stock markets themselves.

We cover the S&P 500, Dow Jones industrial average, NASDAQ 100, and the Russell 2000, on a near term, midterm, and long term basis, and with that publish a combined analysis that tells us what to expect from the market on a near term, midterm, and long term basis too. This analysis is provided daily, with the objective of putting you ahead of the curve.

We also focus on price rather than news or current events. The market is smarter than all of us, and because we depend on the market to make money it is also always right, even when it is wrong. By focusing on price, we can also see what investors are doing with their pocketbooks, and we can see it before they make an announcement on CNBC or Bloomberg. This keeps us going with the flow of the market and it prevents us from needing to ask the question, 'what's going to happen now.'

We can automatically adjust with the market when the market transitions. That’s the way our analysis is designed and it’s what we have been doing since the Internet bubble. We hope you like it.