Proprietary Macroeconomic Indicators

These indicators cannot be found anywhere but on Stock Traders Daily.

  • The Investment Rate.
  • The Evitar Corte Model.
  • Global Liquidity Analysis.

The Investment Rate (IR) measures the rate of change in the amount of NEW MONEY that will be available to be invested into all assets over extended periods of time, dating back to 1900 and looking ahead by more than 40 years.  It tells you what natural growth will look like in the future.  NEW MONEY matters most to growth, and prior to 2009 the IR alone defined every major longer term market cycle in US History in advance, acting as a leading indicator to the Great Depression, Stagflation, Credit Crisis, and the up-periods too.

The Evitar Corte Model is a risk management model that uses the FOMC as an indicator of when to protect or expose portfolios to stock market risk.  Since 1992, The Evitar Core Model has beaten the SPX by 943% on only 10 trades.  Evitar Corte is for long term accounts only, and it helps Buy and Hold investors Manage Risk efficiently.  If followed, The Evitar Corte Model avoided the Internet Debacle, the Credit Crisis, and the Corona Crash, proving the Defense Wins Championships, and Timing does matter.

Global Liquidity means everything to the stock market.  We learned that when stimulus was first introduced by Ben Bernanke, and our regularly published Global Liquidity Reports couple what we know about Natural Growth Rates from The Investment Rate and Stimulus to define the demand for assets in the medium term.  For example, lower demand implies more difficult conditions, where more demand suggest robust ones instead.

Stock Traders Daily is celebrating a 20-Year Anniversary in 2020, having been founded on 1.12.00, the Peak of the Internet Bubble.  Our foundation is rooted in risk management because that is what we had to do to survive from day one.  As a result, Stock Traders Daily may be the longest standing proactive newsletter on the Internet today.  In addition to these macro indicators, we also develop strategies that can work in any market.

We are Smart Money, and we look forward to sharing what we know with you.