Institutional Services:

For professional investors, our institutional services allow us to get ahead of the curve, and stay there. Our Macroeconomic work is second to none, and our broad observations always act as a starting point for our more specific trading decisions, but we believe that macroeconomic observations only offer profitable trading opportunities at relative market extremes. Although very important to recognize, we must take it further.

We are equity investors, so after a review of the broader economy our institutional services focus on the specific markets and indices that comprise the US equity market. A rising tide lifts all boats, and the opposite happens in down market environments, so we prefer to have a firm grasp on market direction before making investment decisions. From there, it all gets easier.


Some hedge funds focus solely on the macroeconomic environment, but we do not believe portfolio decisions can be based solely on the macroeconomic condition that exists at any given point in time. Arguably, our proprietary macroeconomic model, The Investment Rate, is the most accurate leading longer term stock market and economic indicator ever developed, but even within the longer term up and down cycles defined by The Investment Rate periodic and sizeable increases and declines can occur, usually within shorter term cycles themselves. Our macroeconomic work is second to none, we use it as a governing hand, but we also recognize the limitations of exclusively using macroeconomic portfolio theory to manage wealth. More needs to be done in order to stay ahead of the curve.

Market Direction and valuation

Market timing means everything. Our portfolios are designed to react to shifts in the market, but markets sometimes diverge from each other, so it is important to conduct a daily review of all of our markets, identify their parallels and divergences, and use those observations to pinpoint opportunity. We offer our analysis and conclusions as an institutional level service, allowing everyone to see not only our conclusions but also how those conclusions were derived. With these tools our clients can incorporate our findings into their models to efficiently determine proper timing both on a market level and an individual stock basis.

Managed Account Services

Thomas H. Kee Jr., the President of Stock Traders Daily, also owns an Investment Advisor that acts as a money manager for qualified clients. Our tools and analysis are incorporated into that service to develop proactive strategies that have incorporated risk controls in line with our objective of being able to make money no matter where the markets go or what happens to the economy. Our oldest strategy has achieved 9.02% annually for the past 14 years with a lower beta than the market; that is how powerful risk controls can be.
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