Comerica (CMA) Growth Rate - Quarterly

What is a Quarterly Growth Rate?

The Quarterly Growth Rate for Comerica (CMA) helps us visualize growth trends.

Our Quarterly Growth Rate observations are a derivative of the reported EPS from the company every quarter, but we use a Trailing Twelve Month (TTM) observation. This helps us distill the nuances that often accompany seasonal sales cycles.

With a focus on growth trends over time, the quarterly observations help us understand how the company is doing now, versus past EPS cycles. This does not reflect revenue, and although we do our best to exclude one-time events, changes in EPS may be due to conditions that will not repeat.
Therefore, when observing Quarterly Growth Rate trends, if anomalies are shown in the chart, we encourage investors to conduct a level of due diligence before drawing conclusions.

Often, distortions to Quarterly EPS Growth Trends can be due to one-time events, but they can also define material changes to a company’s ability to bring sales to the bottom line, the demand for goods and services, or the operating efficiency of the company itself.

How is the Quarterly Growth Rate Calculated?

The percentage Quarterly Growth Rate = [(EPS (ttm) this quarter - EPS (ttm) last quarter)/EPS (ttm) last quarter)]*100

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