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NWSA Growth rate - Quarterly

What is a Quarterly Growth Rate?

Our Quarterly Growth Rate Chart is based on Earnings (EPS) and it is designed to exclude onetime events so as to focus on Earnings (EPS) Growth from operations. Our analysis also includes trailing 12 month Earnings (EPS) results (ttm) to exclude seasonal variants. The compiled data is created for every quarter, and then compared appropriately to define either Quarterly or Yearly Growth. In this Quarterly Growth observation, we compare this quarter to the most recent quarter and plot the result on a chart over time to define the Quarterly Growth Rate chart. This allows us to see how growth has changed over time, and that allows us to make rational valuation observations that could help us identify periods of undervalued and overvalued stock price.

How is the Quarterly Growth Rate Calculated?

Quarterly Growth Rate = [(EPS (ttm) this quarter - EPS (ttm) last quarter)/EPS (ttm) last quarter)]*100

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