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Three Specialized Tools

Our most valuable tools which are used by our clients every day.

We offer a wide range of important tools in conjunction with our services. Whether the purpose is to trade an ETF or a market, or individual stocks, these tools help us make the decision to buy, sell, or short at the right time.

Other tools focus less on the trading aspect of this business and more on the fundamentals. Our macroeconomic work is second to none, and our comprehensive earnings analysis reveals the true growth of the Market without the distractions of analyst estimates. The result is a clear understanding of the true condition of our economy. When our fundamental tools are combined with our trading tools, the combination becomes very powerful.

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Investment Rate


The Investment Rate is the most accurate leading longer term stock market and economic indicator ever developed. It is the foundation of everything we do. The IR measures the rate of change in the amount of new money available for investment into our economy every year, and for extended periods of time. It has predicted the Great Depression, the Stagflation Period of the 1970s, the up-periods in between, and it has never been wrong. It impacts all asset classes: stocks, real estate, private business, and any other asset class that relies on new money to grow. Professionals use it to make both investment and business decisions. Find out what it says about the immediate future by signing up for a free trial.

Risk Control


We specialize in risk controlled strategies. Most money managers do not control risk; they get paid to invest money, so you must control your own risk. Every time the market falls investors learn this lesson again, but we have been offering these strategies since January 2, 2000, longer than anyone else on the net. Our services are designed to make the transition to risk control seamless. We all know we should do it, now everyone can do it. Performance is a natural byproduct of risk control, so stop chasing performance and start chasing risk control. You will be happier, and better off in ways that extend far beyond the performance of your portfolio. Sign up for a free trial to learn more.

Trend Tracker


A revolution in rule based trading, Trend Tracker is an automated - correlated market timing and stock selection tool that allows normal people, with normal jobs, to control their risk and realize opportunities regardless of economic conditions or market direction, and without sacrificing time or lifestyle. Work, play golf, or trade other stocks, and feel confident that your wealth is being protected and that you are positioning yourself to profit when opportunities arise. Sign up for a free trial to learn more.

Our Strategies Featured On