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The Nightly Newsletter

Market Analysis - Staying ahead of the curve

Our Market Analysis has one main objective, to keep our clients ahead of the curve at all times.  We watch the Market tirelessly, it is our passion, and we turn that zest for understanding into forecasting models that allow you to further your unique goals and ambitions.

We offer updated Market analysis every day.  These include interpretations of current and future Market action and surveys of trader sentiment.

But it doesn't stop there. 


  1. Market action

  2. Trader Sentiment

  3. Updates and Analysis

  4. Give it a Try

 Market Action:

The only way to get a good feel for the current state of the Market is to pay close attention to it.  Every day, an end of the day Market review will fail to disclose many important occurrences that happened during the session.

We pay attention to detail.  We watch the Market's action closely, we notice changes and fluctuations which appear abnormal, we identify opportunities, and we include them in our conclusions.

Our Market Analysis is not a simple end of the day summary, it is much more detailed.  It includes interpretations of the Market's action as it relates to future Market cycles and that allows us to forecast trend much more accurately than our competitors.

For example, here's our daily Market Analysis on September 17:


Example from 9.17.07

Expect the market to begin the day within a relatively tight initial trading channel as it opens on Tuesday.  The market is likely to flounder within the initial channel for the better part of the day.  However, a break below support or above resistance is likely to influence momentum market moves in the direction of the break.  The most likely scenario is for a break below support.  If 2578 breaks lower expect 2503.  However, if 2598 breaks higher instead expect the market to surge to 2644 before it stalls.  Be ready for moves in either direction, just in case, as always, but a break below support and further declines is much more probable.

Initial intraday trading parameters for the NASDAQ exist between 2578 - 2598

If 2578 breaks lower expect 2503

If 2598 breaks higher expect 2644

2515 expect 2578 - 2598 to hold



Trader Sentiment:

We cater to traders and investors, and we have our fingers on the pulse of this demographic.  We pay very close attention to trader sentiment, and we report changes in sentiment to you accordingly.

The sentiment of Wall Street plays a critical role in Market cycles.  Trader sentiment can and will influence the severity of a decline, or the aggressiveness of an increase.  It will cause some news to seem more influential that it should, others nullified.

Sentiment helps you understand why.

Our analysis of Trader Sentiment allows you to keep you fingers of the pulse of Wall Street too, so you can anticipate Market reactions to news and events much more efficiently than you might otherwise.

Updates and Analysis:

We offer updates to our Market Analysis every night.  The updates are offered in advance of the next trading session.  Typically updates will be ready before 10:30 PM ET. 

Included in the analysis are:

  • Trend interpretations

  • Trader sentiment updates

  • Inflection Parameters

  • A list of upcoming Economic news

  • A 'heads up' of things to watch for.

The principle version of this analysis is offered directly through our website.  Through our nightly newsletter we provide concise reads on the Market.  This is a no-frills venue for this information.  It is clean, formatted, and free of jargon or banter.

We also package this same analysis in a .pdf version, and we send that to you every night at midnight ET.  This is a different version of the same information contained on our website; it does not require you to go directly to the site.

Then the gloves come off.

Our Chief Investment Officer sends a nightly email to our subscribers with much more revealing information.  He includes personal commentary, easy to read pivot charts, a list of stocks which look good to trade, and detailed trading plans for the next trading session.

The nightly email from our Chief Investment Officer is a straight forward review of the Market and it allows you to prepare for trading opportunities well in advance.  It is easy to read, direct, and easy to use.

With his gloves off, he tells you what he thinks of the Market, he tells you where he thinks the Market is headed, and he tells you what he thinks Traders should be doing to take advantage of it.

Although explanations will be included in his nightly email from time to time, the email from our Chief Investment Officer is not intended to provide detailed explanations of why he thinks what he thinks; those details are found on the website.  He just tells you what to prepare for, and how to make money from it.

Here's an example from 9.17.07 (this is an excerpt):


Example from 9.17.07


By now you already are aware that there is plenty to be looking out for on Tuesday beyond the FOMC meeting.  The FOMC meeting, in fact, although it is the most anticipated news of the day, may turn out to be far less important than the Financial Earnings releases coming this week.  We won't know for sure until after the dust settles, but my anticipation is that the FOMC decision will not be as important.

I have already illustrated my points of view on the FOMC through my blog.  I hope you have had time to review it.  If not, do so immediately

Also, remember that the Market has followed the trend of Interest rates since 2000.  When Interest Rates have been declining so has the Market, and vice versa.  You can find evidence of this in my past blogs as well.  These comments are under the Economics Category. 

Be ready for volatility on Tuesday; the eventual direction is most likely down.


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