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Ahead of The Curve Tues - Wed

StockTradersDaily StockTradersDaily - 2021-03-02 10:56:40

NDX support has held thus far Our Swing Trading Strategy secured 1.4% from longs held overnight, Our Day Trading Strategy secured 1.2% from shorts initiated today, and our Lock and Walk Strategy

Oil Comment

StockTradersDaily StockTradersDaily - 2021-03-02 09:22:12

Full Disclosure: I sold about 15% of my OIH position yesterday, and I continue to hold material unrealized gains in the remaining portion. If you are holding large positions in OIL, and you have

Tuesday's Analysis + Keep our Competitive Advantage Close to the Vest

StockTradersDaily StockTradersDaily - 2021-03-02

Our combined analysis for Tuesday tells us to expect the markets to begin the day trying to continue the increases that began on Monday.  Resistance levels would need to hold and the markets

Equity Logic Update

StockTradersDaily StockTradersDaily - 2021-03-01 14:05:15

As March begins, the anniversary of last year’s crash is upon us.  This observation compares CORE to the S&P 500 (SPY) over the past year, which includes the crash, and addresses our

Political Decisions Influence Stewart Information Svcs $STC and Investors Should Listen
StockTradersDaily - March 02, 2021 13:45
When Investors Make Decisions in Proshares Ultra S&p500 $SSO Opportunities Surface
StockTradersDaily - March 02, 2021 13:30
Stimulus Matters to the Stock Market and to Proshares Ultrashort Semicondu $SSG
StockTradersDaily - March 02, 2021 13:15
Ahead of The Curve Tues - Wed
StockTradersDaily - 2021-03-02 10:56:40
Oil Comment
StockTradersDaily - 2021-03-02 09:22:12
Tuesday's Analysis + Keep our Competitive Advantage Close to the Vest
StockTradersDaily - 2021-03-02
Equity Logic Update
StockTradersDaily - 2021-03-01 14:05:15

Institutional Research also on First Call

  • Doctype Pdf Institutional Short Sellers Battered

    Are Institutional Short Sellers poised to be battered by Central Banks this time?

  • Doctype Pdf Biden Agenda and Requirements to pass

    Here is the agenda Biden has proposed and what it will take to turn these into law.

  • Doctype Pdf Global Liquidity Update

    We will begin with the Investment Rate, then proceed to fiscal stimulus, Central Bank Variables, and conclude with our current Global Liquidity Projections, with reference to valuation concerns.

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Term Weak Neutral Strong
Near 56 25 58
Mid 36 51 52
Long 1 28 110

Our Sentiment Table has been used for more than a decade to define overbought and oversold Market Conditions.