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Swing Trading

Our swing trading strategy averages a couple trades per week. This is a proactive strategy capable of making money in both up and down markets. It trades QID and QLD exclusively, based on a time tested system. Although the strategy can make money on the short side of the market, it never shorts anything. QID is a predefined short ETF, and we buy it. That opens this strategy to qualified accounts.

Our correlated market timing and stock selection tool, our Swing Trading Alerts Viewer, alerts our members to tests of support or resistance levels when they occur. Based on a defined set of rules, our returns have been consistent over time. This is true because we remain in control of our risk at all times. Risk controls are integral to this proactive strategy.

Past Performance is no guarantee of future results.

Managed Accounts: for qualified investors, our President has created an Investment Advisor that acts as a money manager, managing accounts for clients in a proactive manner. Start by reviewing our philosophy and services, and then ask for more details.

Swing Trading Performance

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