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Day Trading

Our Day Trading Strategy struggled in 2009, but it has had excellent results in the past. In 2009, intraday oscillation channels were very tight. Many analysts reference small intraday candles when talking about 2009. This means, day trading was less productive in 2009 because the Market did not move much during the intraday trading sessions.

This strategy averages a few trades per day. It is a long/short strategy that trades QID and QLD exclusively. QID is a short ETF that we buy, and that opens this strategy to qualified accounts. With risk controls integral to the model, this strategy is designed to make money from intraday oscillation cycles, and then end every day in cash. That completely eliminates the overnight risk associated with the Market. For example, based on predefined support and resistance levels, our Day Trading Strategy will buy near support, sell near resistance, and repeat the process from resistance to support again if possible. If support or resistance breaks after a test occurs, this strategy will stop out of the position and wait for another trading signal to fire. The rules are clear, and the strategy is easy to follow. Alerts are fired when trading signals occur. This strategy can be automated, and customized.

Past Performance is no guarantee of future results.

Managed Accounts: for qualified investors, our President has created an Investment Advisor that acts as a money manager, managing accounts for clients in a proactive manner. Start by reviewing our philosophy and services, and then ask for more details.

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