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Strategic Plan

Our Strategic Plan averages a few trades per month. This is a conversion strategy. That means it is a proactive long/short strategy that will convert from short to long, or from long to short, based on tests or breaks of support or resistance levels. Those are our risk controls, and they are integral. Once the Market makes up its mind, we ride it in either direction to secure gains. The end results show a few small stops associated with a much larger gain most of the time. This strategy is based on the Dow Jones Industrial Average, and it trades DDM and DXD exclusively. Although it can make money on the short side of the market, it is never short anything because DXD is a short ETF that we buy. That opens it to qualified accounts.

Based on a strict set of rules, this strategy has performed well over time.

Past Performance is no guarantee of future results.

Managed Accounts: for qualified investors, our President has created an Investment Advisor that acts as a money manager, managing accounts for clients in a proactive manner. Start by reviewing our philosophy and services, and then ask for more details.

Strategic Plan Performance

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