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Stock of the Week

The Stock of the Week Strategy averages 2-3 trades per week. This simple strategy can be used at virtually any online broker. Most of them allow you to place conditional orders for individual stocks, and this strategy is based on conditional orders, so almost anyone can use it without committing too much time to watching the market. The risk controls are extremely important. Integral to the strategy is also a cash component. By rule, every week ends in cash. This allows us to start every week fresh, and with an unbiased approach. When combined, the risk controls and the cash component make this strategy compelling. The results take that even further.

The Stock of the Week Strategy works in any market environment, without sacrificing time or lifestyle, it is easy to understand, and easy to use.

Past Performance is no guarantee of future results.

Managed Accounts: for qualified investors, our President has created an Investment Advisor that acts as a money manager, managing accounts for clients in a proactive manner. Start by reviewing our philosophy and services, and then ask for more details.

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