About Our Research

Our proprietary institutional research is often the most attractive facet of our subscription for fund managers, analysts, and investment advisers. This research is typically broader in scope, focusing on topics like the economy, interest rates, oil, the Federal Reserve, and global liquidity.

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Although these topics are outside of the scope of our daily market analysis and investment strategies, they are relevant to investors and specifically to institutional investors.

In many cases, our research is also available through Reuters, First Call, and Multex, but not every report, and our clients always get our research first.

Most often our research is pertinent to current events, we may even venture into political ramifications and taxes when appropriate, and we will cover topics that are more traditional in nature.

Although our strategies and analysis are streamlined in such a way as to discount these traditional variables, we recognize their importance and address the concerns of our clients in relation to these topics regularly.

When our special reports are being prepared our clients are alerted in advance and when the institutional research is published to our website our subscribers get it first.