Using Risk Controls

We started at the peak of the Internet Bubble and we had to use risk controls from day one to survive.  We have been managing risk ever since.  Over the past 20 years we have refined and updated our method of controlling risk to be the most efficient and scalable possible.  There is nothing easier or more efficient than our method of controlling risk.*

We will teach you how to manage risk in your entire portfolio within 1 second.

  • Review the summary below
  • Develop a plan for managing risk

Defense Wins Championships!

Performance is a natural by product of risk control.  Our Evitar Corte Model, for example, beats the SPX by 943% since 1992 on only 10 trades, but it is all about playing defense.  It avoided the Internet Debacle, Credit Crisis, and sidestepped 21% of the Corona Crash too, proving that playing defense at the right time matters.

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Scalable - Appropriate for Institutional Accounts too

Portfolios need to be simplified BEFORE the need for risk control comes.  Taxable and tax-free portfolios have slightly different construction, as you will learn.  This is due tot he tax consequences, but the general approach is consistent.  Portfolios need to be simple from the beginning.  

With a nimble portfolio, we can manage risk within seconds when the time is right.  Our methods have been refined over time to make this as easy as possible.  Take a trial and you will see for yourself.

*Our instruments have the most liquidity on the market and we can control risk in an entire portfolio within a second.  We challenge you to find anything more nimble, efficient, or scalable on the market today.