About Our Tools

Over the past 20 years Stock Traders Daily has developed tools to make managing risk and investing in the stock market more efficient. From being at the forefront of Fintech with the introduction of one of the first automated trading tools 10 years ago, to our proprietary Sentiment Table and Correlation Tools, Stock Traders Daily has tools that have been proven in good times and bad.

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One of our most interesting tools is our Sentiment Table. This is an indicator of near-term overbought or oversold market conditions. We have used this for the past 15 years to help us determine when the market was most likely to stop going up and start going down, or to stop going down and start going up. The indicator tells us to buy the market when it is oversold and to sell or short the market when it is overbought. It has an exceptional long-term track record.

Our Fibonacci calculator has also been refined over time to reflect truer growth rates. The golden sequence is obviously integral to this calculator, but in the stock market, after a few progressions, growth rates no longer match the golden sequence. We have integrated this into our calculator.

Our Stock Correlation Tool is designed for people that like to trade stocks and not necessarily the stock market. If the market is flashing buy signals our StockCorrelation tool will tell you which stocks are likely to move higher along with the market. All you need to do is run the correlation filter when the market is flashing those buy signals and the Correlation Tool will give you a list of stocks that are poised to move with the market. In addition, it will give you precise trading plans.

Our Alerts Viewers are also designed to help active traders identify marketbased pivot points so that they can prepare for trading activity in advance. We offer swing trading and day trading alerts viewers, and these incorporate the daily market analysis that we provide for the NASDAQ 100.

Trend Tracker is an automated, correlated, market timing and stock selection tool that can be integrated with our active trading strategies. It will do the work, so you do not need to make the trades. It was one of the first Fintech Tools ever developed.

These and other tools are available to clients of Stock Traders Daily when they need them. These tools are not necessary, they are added values to our subscribers, but some of our subscribers use them religiously. The Sentiment Table, for example, is a widely used proprietary indicator. This might be the most important tool to review, but keep in mind that it does not fire overbought or oversold conditions all the time. Typically, there are only about 25 trading indicators from this Sentiment Table every year, so when you review it exercise patience. It is not operating on your schedule; the Sentiment Table is based solely on what the market is telling us.

We hope you appreciate the tools we have created for our subscribers.